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Terms and Definitions


A distributed ledger with no central authority. Once information is recorded on it, it is practically impossible to alter.

Digital Signature

A combination of public (known to all network participants) and private (known only to the transaction creator) cryptographic keys used to verify transaction authenticity and sender identification.


A cryptographic procedure to recognize a user in the system.

Multisignature Wallet

A type of wallet that requires multiple signatures to execute a transaction.

Private (Secret) Key

A string of characters kept secret by its owner, used to access an account (wallet) on the network and sign transactions.

Public Key

A string of characters that can verify the authenticity of a signature made by the private key; the public key is uniquely derived from the private key, but it does not allow obtaining the private key.


A participant in a multisignature transaction who needs to sign the transaction for its execution.


A record on the blockchain representing the transfer of cryptocurrencies or other digital assets.

Transaction Fee

A payment made for processing a transaction on the blockchain.

Transaction List

A list of all completed or scheduled transactions in a wallet.


A set of addresses for storing cryptocurrencies, each with its corresponding set of keys (one address - one key).

Wallet Address

A unique identifier of a wallet used for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

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