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Top Questions

What is H2K Lite?

H2K Lite is a convenient version of H2K for web browsers. You can use it on any device by opening a special link: https://my.h2k.me/.

What are signatories needed for?

Signatories are needed to ensure security and control over transactions or documents. When using a multi-signature wallet, all signatories must confirm the transaction or operation before it is executed.

How does a multi-signature wallet work?

The functionality of a multi-signature wallet is based on cryptographic technology. When a user initiates a transaction, it is sent to the multi-signature wallet, and all signatories must confirm their identity using their unique one-time codes. When the required number of signatories confirms the operation, the transaction is executed.

What is the fee in H2K Lite?

In H2K Lite, the fee for transfers from multi-signature wallets is 0.09% of the transfer amount, but not less than $1 and not more than $999.

Common Questions

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a special type of database that stores information in the form of blocks and links them together in a chain. It is used to record and store transactions and data, and its key characteristic is decentralization, meaning that the information is stored across multiple computers rather than on a single central server.

Why are blockchain testnets needed?

Blockchain testnets are used to verify the functionality and security of a blockchain protocol. Developers and users can conduct experiments and tests without the risk of losing real funds. This allows for error correction and system improvements before deploying to the main network.

Who pays for blockchain fees?

Blockchain fees are paid by users who send transactions. When you perform a transaction on the blockchain, you set a certain fee that is charged for processing and confirming the transaction by the network. Miners or network participants who process transactions receive this fee as a reward for their work.

How to open a wallet on the Tron network?

To open a wallet on the Tron network, you simply need to choose the Tron blockchain network when creating the wallet.

Signatories and Multi-Signature

Who are the signatories?

Signatories are individuals who have the authority to sign transactions.

How do you choose signatories?

The selection of signatories depends on specific needs and goals. Often, trustworthy and reliable individuals or participants who can fulfill their duties responsibly are chosen.

What is a multi-signature wallet?

A multi-signature wallet (also known as a wallet with multiple signatories) is a special type of cryptocurrency wallet that requires confirmation of a transaction by multiple signatories before an operation is executed.

How to create a multi-signature wallet?

Instructions for creating a multi-signature wallet can be found on our YouTube channel, link to the video: https://youtu.be/qdZNwXHa1Cw. Timestamp - 02:32 (Creating a Multi-Signature Wallet in H2K Lite)

How many signatories can a multi-signature wallet have?

The number of signatories in a multi-signature wallet can vary depending on user settings and needs. In our service, this number ranges from 1 to 9.

What's the difference between a multi-signature wallet and a regular one?

The main difference between a multi-signature wallet and a regular one is that multiple signatories' agreement is required to perform operations with a multi-signature wallet. This increases security and protects against unauthorized transactions or access to funds. In a regular wallet, usually, a single signature is sufficient to perform operations.


What is a wallet address?

A wallet address is a unique string of characters that serves as an identifier for your cryptocurrency wallet. This address is used for receiving and sending cryptocurrencies.

Where can I find my wallet address?

You can find your wallet address by logging into your H2K Lite account and clicking on the «Deposit» button. There, you will find your unique wallet address.

How to create a wallet in H2K Lite?

To create a wallet in H2K Lite, visit the official H2K Lite website. Then, register on the platform. After that, click on the «Create Wallet» button and follow the instructions. You can also find a video tutorial on creating a new account and wallet on our YouTube channel. Link to the video tutorial.

Where is my private key?

In H2K Lite, your private key is stored in an encrypted form on the platform's servers. You do not have direct access to it. The private key is used for security and transaction signing purposes.

What should I do if I've lost access to my wallet?

If you've lost access to your wallet, contact the H2K Lite support team for assistance with resolving the issue and potentially recovering access.

How long does it take to create a wallet?

Creating a wallet in H2K Lite typically takes 10-15 minutes. The process depends on the speed of data processing in the system.

What can I do with my wallet?

With your wallet in H2K Lite, you can receive, send, and store cryptocurrencies.

How to top up my wallet?

To top up your wallet in H2K Lite, you can use various methods such as transferring from another wallet or purchasing cryptocurrency using a credit card or other payment systems.

Please note that on some exchanges, you might need to undergo verification before making a deposit. You can find an instructional video on depositing through the Binance and ATAIX Eurasia exchanges on our YouTube channel.

Also, if you prefer a verification-free option, you can use the Telegram wallet bot to top up your wallet. Detailed instructions are available at this link.

How to withdraw funds from the wallet?

To withdraw funds from your wallet in H2K Lite, you simply need to click on the «Withdraw» button and provide the destination wallet address.

Do I need a separate wallet to receive TRX?

To receive the TRX (TRON) token, you need a wallet that supports that specific token. H2K Lite supports various tokens, including TRX. This is the wallet opened on the Tron network to receive USDT.

Who has access to my wallet?

Your wallet in H2K Lite is accessible only to you, as accessing your account requires authentication and the use of your personal password.

Can I use one wallet across all blockchains?

Each blockchain has its own unique structure and wallet address format. Generally, one wallet can only be used within a specific blockchain.

What is a payment memo/remark?

A payment memo/remark is additional information you can add to your transaction. It helps specify the purpose of the payment to the recipient, such as for a specific service or order.

What is a Telegram wallet?

A Telegram wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used within the Telegram messaging app. Purchasing cryptocurrency can also be done through this bot without the need for identity verification. This is a convenient and quick solution for users who want to buy cryptocurrency without unnecessary formalities.

Link to the bot.

What is a transaction hash?

A transaction hash is a unique string of characters generated for every transaction in a blockchain. The hash is the result of a cryptographic hash function that uses transaction data to create this string. The transaction hash serves as a kind of «fingerprint» for the transaction, identifying and confirming it within the blockchain.

I've deposited into my wallet but don't see a balance on it

If you've deposited into your wallet but don't see the balance, it could be due to several factors:

  • Incorrect address: Make sure you've entered the correct wallet address for the deposit. If the address is wrong, the transaction might be sent to a different wallet or lost.
  • Processing delay: H2K Lite might experience delays in processing transactions. Check the transaction status on a blockchain explorer to ensure it has been successfully processed.
  • Technical issues: In some cases, balance issues might be related to technical problems on the wallet or platform's side. In such a case, it's recommended to reach out to customer support for assistance and resolution of the issue.


How is a transaction signed in H2K Lite?

In H2K Lite, a transaction is signed using a one-time code that is sent to each signatory's specified email address. Each signatory must confirm the transaction by entering the received code.

How long does it take to create a transaction?

The time it takes to create a transaction depends on various factors, such as the current blockchain network congestion, the cryptocurrency being used, and the number of signatories participating in the signing process. Usually, creating and signing a transaction takes a few minutes, but in some cases, it might take longer depending on network conditions. The average time ranges from 5 to 10 minutes.


Can I use the same account for H2K Lite and H2K Pro?

H2K Lite and H2K Pro are different platforms, and the accounts on them are separate. An account created on H2K Lite will not work on H2K Pro and vice versa. Each platform has its unique account system.

What do I need to register on H2K Lite?

To register on H2K Lite, you will need a valid email address that you will use as your login, and you need to create a password to protect your account.

Can I change my email address?

Changing your email address on H2K Lite is not allowed for security reasons. It's important to provide the correct and active email address during registration.

Can I transfer my account to someone else?

Transferring your account to another person is prohibited and violates the platform's terms of use. Your accounts should remain personal and should not be transferred to third parties. This is done to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access to your funds and data.

What should I do if I've lost access to my account?

If you've lost access to your account, first try to recover it using the «Forgot Password» feature or other available recovery methods. If that doesn't work, contact the H2K Lite support team for additional assistance and the possibility of account recovery. The support team will provide you with instructions and recommendations on resolving the issue.

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