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H2K Pro

H2K Pro is an innovative mobile application for Android, serving as a multi-signature anonymous cryptocurrency wallet.

The web version H2K Lite provides basic functions and capabilities accessible through a web browser, but some features may be limited due to your browser's technical constraints.

H2K Pro mobile application offers extended functionality by utilizing device features such as the camera, key import, and import/export of signatories list.

H2K Pro ensures a high level of security by utilizing the device's hardware mechanisms to store private keys.

Dear users!

To conduct transactions in a single-signature wallet with a USDT balance on the TRON TRC-20 network, TRX is required to cover the transaction fees. If your wallet does not have a sufficient amount of TRX (less than 60), our service will automatically exchange a portion of your USDT for TRX to cover the fees. Ensure that the withdrawal amount for USDT is 10 USDT less than the required amount to account for the fee and ensure the successful completion of the transaction. If you specify the entire amount for transfer without leaving a reserve for exchange, the fee will be deducted, and you will lose a portion of your funds.

Additionally, please note that in a single-signature wallet with a USDT balance on the Polygon ERC-20 network, MATIC is required to cover the transaction fees. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of MATIC in your balance to ensure the normal functioning of transactions on this network.

For multi-signature wallets, the fee will be 0.09% of the transaction amount, but not less than 1 dollar and not more than 999 dollars. Please take this into account when conducting transactions.

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